Midlife Crisis??

I was at a stoplight the other day and looked out and saw him.  It’s not the first time either.  I’ve seen him before when I’ve been driving by.  Long and lean.  Silver, but that’s okay, I like silver.  I’ve been thinking a lot about him lately.  Yes, I know I’m married….what would people think?  I could just hear them now…I can’t believe you would throw it all away.  Everything you’ve worked so hard for.  What about your family?  Not to mention your husband!  Have you even thought about him?  BUT….I cannot get him out of my mind!  By now you’ve probably guessed it.  I’m talking about the 2017 Winnebago Class A 41 foot Journey.  There, I’ve said it.  Okay, so maybe my husband already knows about him, not to mention the fact that we cannot afford one, but we can dare to dream.


For many of us the American Dream is just that….a dream.  We have lost jobs due to downsizing, cut backs, the company is moving in a different direction, your industry is no longer necessary.  You lost money in the stock market crash, or your pension plan went bankrupt.  Then there are people who have gone through divorce, death of a spouse, other life-changing events that have left them financially devastated.  The dream of retirement is gone forever for them.


We are in our early 50’s.  My husband has already had a heart attack and has other significant medical conditions.  We have been told that he may need to look at disability….What???  He is still a very strong man!  He’s not out of shape physically, but his body is already much older than him.  That word “disability” puts a huge monkey wrench in our future plans and dreams.  Now what?  Follow along with us as we start a new chapter in our lives that we never ever thought would happen to us.  Where do we go now?  What do we do?  What about our family?  These topics and more will be addressed as we come face to face with the reality that is life, and the true American Dream for us.